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Roseville, CA – Starting October 5, watering times for Roseville water customers will change to one-day-per-week (drip irrigation is excluded).

In May, the City of Roseville increased its drought stage to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) aimed at reducing statewide water use for all California water agencies.

This action resulted in a citywide outdoor irrigation watering schedule, which adjusts seasonally, limiting landscape watering to achieve mandatory water reduction targets.

All customers, both residential and non-residential, can water only on Mondays between October and April 2016. This timeframe traditionally represents a period when you can limit outdoor watering because daylight hours drop, evaporation rates fall, our region experiences precipitation, and there is more moisture in your soil.

To date, customers have saved 38.5 percent over 2013 water use. In our region, most water use – and water waste – occurs outdoors.

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