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Roseville, Calif.- Economic data from two recently released sources show strong growth and a robust retail sector taking the City of Roseville’s economy to new heights.

The Demographic, Development and Employment (DDE) profile for the 2005-2006 fiscal year, compiled by the City’s Office of Economic Development, details several factors that continue to make The City of Roseville a regional economic powerhouse.

Meanwhile, data from the California Retail Survey (CRS), published by The Eureka Group, demonstrates Roseville’s growth in calendar year 2006. The Eureka Group is an independent economic research firm based in Pollock Pines, California.

‘These numbers are inspiring, and demonstrate the City’s commitment to maintaining our economic vitality through good planning,’ said Jim Gray, Mayor of Roseville. ‘We have a lot of amazing projects coming up that will further strengthen our economy so we can continue offering businesses and residents a place to thrive.’ Gray added that these include the Fountains project and Galleria Mall expansion, as well as a diverse mix of mixed-use retail with attainable housing.


The City of Roseville added 3,237 jobs during the 2005-06 fiscal year, a rate consistent with the job growth during the two previous years.ย  In the past 3 years, Roseville has added more than 10,000 new jobs. (DDE profile)The City of Roseville has a strong employment sector, with 77,847 jobs and a labor force of 51,600, expected to continue in the coming years. (DDE)

When compared to overall retail sales of the top 15 cities, Roseville led that group in per-capita retail sales of $35,941, compared to the per-city average of the rest of the top 15, who averaged $13,934 in retail sales per resident. Roseville has the 10th highest retail sales of any city in California, with $3.76 billion in 2006.  Overall, retail sales grew 15 percent from the previous year. (CRS)

Placer County rated number one among California counties in two categories: per capita retail sales rank and growth persistence. Placer also ranked third in overall strength of its retail market and second in sales per outlet. (CRS)

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