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Roseville, Calif. – Last week, officers arrested Corey Michael Jensen, age 30 of Elk Grove, after he was allegedly seen stealing a bicycle out of an open garage.ย 

After further investigation, officers now believe him to be responsible for numerous thefts and burglaries from Roseville neighborhoods over the past few months.  The arrest happened because community members in two different Roseville neighborhoods promptly called police to report suspicious activity.

At about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday, August 12, a resident in the Highland Reserve area called Roseville Police about a suspicious pickup parked on his street.  Officers responded and contacted someone sleeping inside a pickup.  They didn’t find anything illegal at the time.

About an hour later, people working in a neighborhood near Secret Ravine Parkway saw a man go into an open garage, take a mountain bike, and put it in the back of a pickup and drive away.  They immediately let the resident know, and the resident called police.

Officers recognized the description of the pickup from the earlier call, and soon found the truck and the driver, Corey Jensen.  They also located the stolen bicycle at a local pawn shop.  After further investigation, officers now believe Jensen to be responsible for many thefts of bicycles, tools and other valuables from open garages in Roseville, especially in the Secret Ravine Parkway area, over the past few months.

Detectives are in the process of recovering suspected stolen property from local pawn shops, and are planning a public property viewing.  At the property viewing, burglary and theft victims will be able to look at the recovered property to see if any of it belongs to them.  In order to attend the property viewing, victims must have a police report on file that includes a detailed description of their stolen items.  We’re asking residents of the Secret Ravine/East Roseville Parkway area to check their garages to see if any bicycles, tools or other valuable items are missing, and to make a police report if they haven’t already done so.

To make a new police report for a crime that happened in Roseville, call police dispatch at (916)774-5000 extension 1.   If you already have a police report on file and you have questions about this investigation, or you have information that could help this investigation, please call Detective Chris Uribe at (916)746-1086.

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