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Roseville, Calif.- Detectives from Roseville PD’s Vice & Narcotics Enforcement Team (VNET) are investigating a death caused by a suspected accidental overdose of opiate drugs.

Their investigation led to the August 23 arrest of a 26-year-old Lincoln man on suspicion of possessing and selling prescription narcotic drugs, violation of probation and other related charges.

Roseville Police officers and detectives are concerned about the use and abuse of heroin and other opiate drugs in the region. Heroin and other opiates are dangerous drugs that put their users at risk of addiction, exploitation, accidental overdose and death. It impacts the quality of life of the entire community, as it drives addicts to steal and commit other crimes to support their habits.

Anyone struggling with drug addiction should call their health care provider or Placer County’s Adult System of Care, 24 hours a day, at (888) 886-5401. Parents concerned about their teen’s substance abuse issues should also call their health care provider, or call Roseville Police Therapist Beverly Gable at (916)774-5017 for information and referrals to community resources.