Roseville Provides Safe and Easy Ways for Residents to Dispose of Household Batteries and Other Items 
It’s now easier than ever to safely and legally dispose of household batteries and other hazardous household items thanks to two City of Roseville programs.  Both programs help residents comply with the state household battery and universal waste laws that went into effect in February making it illegal for batteries, electronic devices, fluorescent light bulbs and other items containing heavy metals such as mercury to be thrown into the trash.

The Battery Drop-Off Program lets residents discard used batteries into specially marked bins at entrances to participating home improvement and grocery stores throughout the city.  Two businesses already offer the convenience to customers and the City is working with other local businesses to join the program.   The new bins are now at Bel Air, 1039 Sunrise Ave. and Safeway, 989 Sunrise Ave.

The Free Hazardous and Electronic Waste Pickup Program empowers residents with a legal, convenient way to dispose of car batteries, motor oil, televisions, computers, cellular telephones and other items covered by the new waste regulations.  Residents just call the Environmental Utilities Department at (916) 774-5780 to schedule a pick-up time. The service can be used once a month per residence.

“These programs support the City’s goal of maintaining a safe and healthy community for our residents,” said Derrick Whitehead, Director of the City’s Environmental Utilities Department.  “Helping to protect our environment is now even easier when you can do it during other regular daily errands, or by simply calling a phone number to have these items picked up from your residence.”

For a full list of items eligible for pickup program, as well as updated locations for battery drop-offs, go to, or contact the City’s Environmental Utilities Department at (916) 774-5780.