California’s $5 Billion a Year Tax Hike Hits Motorists

Roseville, CA, – Raising taxes by $5 billion dollars a year is easy. Recently signed legislation by Governor Brown went into effect on November 1 and the cash registers are singing in Sacramento. While the 12 cents gallon gas tax won’t be noticed by many, the residents of California who are already financially struggling will again be hit the hardest.

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Sacramento, CA, November 6- Average retail gasoline prices in Sacramento have risen 16.4 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.05/g yesterday, according to GasBuddy’s daily survey of 720 gas outlets in Sacramento. This compares with the national average that has increased 6.5 cents per gallon in the last week to $2.53/g, according to gasoline price website
Including the change in gas prices in Sacramento during the past week, prices yesterday were 44.1 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 9.7 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The national average has increased 3.8 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 32.0 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.
According to GasBuddy historical data, gasoline prices on November 6 in Sacramento have ranged widely over the last five years:
$2.61/g in 2016, $2.64/g in 2015, $3.13/g in 2014, $3.53/g in 2013 and $3.81/g in 2012.
Areas in California and their current gas price climate:
Stockton- $3.06/g, up 13.0 cents per gallon from last week’s $2.93/g.
Modesto- $2.97/g, up 14.2 cents per gallon from last week’s $2.83/g.
Oakland- $3.21/g, up 14.3 cents per gallon from last week’s $3.07/g.
“It’s been a frenzied week at fuel pumps across the country, but without a hurricane driving up prices, many motorists have been dumbfounded about what’s taking place with the unseasonable upward trend,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “Such a strong weekly upward move is rare in the fall, but is explained by a confluence of factors, including oil prices hitting a new 2017 high, a major pipeline leak resulting in disruption, autumn refinery maintenance, but perhaps among the more surprising- robust demand for gasoline so late in the season. Such demand has magnified relatively mundane factors into a major gas price event for much of the United States and Canada. But some slowdown is expected in the Great Lakes, the region hardest hit with price spikes in the last week, as repairs Explorer Pipeline have been completed, but some additional bumps in the road ahead can be expected for motorists elsewhere.”
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