Roseville Police Public Update

Roseville, CA – Select digest summary update of Roseville Police activity through October 17, 2017.

Northeast Roseville

East Roseville Parkway, vehicle theft: At about 3:30 a.m. October 17, a man left his car running and unattended at a gas station in the 1800 block of Taylor Road for a few minutes, while he helped another motorist put air in a tire. A car thief jumped in his car and drove away. The stolen car is a 2004 Honda Accord two-door sedan with an oxidized black paint job. No description is available on the suspect.

East Roseville

Johnson Ranch, auto theft: Overnight October 6/7, someone stole a Chevy Silverado 2-door pickup from the 1600 block of Martinique Drive. CHP found the stolen truck abandoned in the north Sacramento area.

Maidu, burglary: During the evening hours of October 9, a burglar forced entry into two office/shop suites in the 2300 block of Professional Drive, and stole small items from one of the businesses, a hair salon. The burglar was seen on video surveillance, and appeared to be a white male wearing a knit cap and wrapped in a plaid blanket.

Lead Hill, theft, arrests made: At 5:30 a.m. October 8, an officer was patrolling the Roseville Automall and saw someone stealing tires from a used tire bin. Officers watched the area and eventually detained two suspects in the 1300 block of Lead Hill. They recovered several sets of stolen tires from Automall dealers and another nearby Roseville tire business. A 32-year-old man and a 54-year-old man, both from Sacramento, were arrested on suspicion of grand theft (stealing items with a collective value greater than $950) and conspiracy.

Central Roseville south of the rail yard

Cirbyside, auto theft: Between September 26 and October 6, someone stole a black Yamaha motorcycle from an apartment complex on Somer Ridge Drive.

Cirbyside, theft: At about 5:30 p.m. October 9, an unidentified man stole a surveillance camera from a home in the 400 block of West Whyte Avenue. He appeared to be a white male in his 40s, 5’9″ tall and 180 pounds with dark hair and a handlebar mustache, driving a blue four-door sedan.

Cirbyside, burglary: Between 11 p.m. October 9 and 4:50 a.m. October 10, someone broke the glass front door to a gas station convenience store in the 1200 block of Cirby Way. Merchandise was strewn around, but it was unknown at the time of the report what was taken.

Theiles, burglary: At 6:20 a.m. October 9, a resident of the 500 block of Riverside Ave. heard a noise and encountered a man he didn’t know in his living room. The suspect fled and the victim chased him for a short period of time, then went back and called police. The suspect, a white male in his 30s with blonde hair, appeared to be homeless. He had apparently gotten in through an insecure door, and took cash and clothing. Officers collected evidence from the scene and are investigating.

Central Roseville north of the rail yard

Enwood, arrests:  At 2:50 p.m. October 8, officers responded to suspicious activity on Doyle Avenue-someone hiding in the bushes, telling residents that he was hiding from police. Officers remembered that a no-bail juvenile warrant had recently been issued for a teenager who lived in the area. Officers searched the area and eventually found two teens, both with outstanding warrants. They were taken to Juvenile Hall.

Roseville Heights, disturbance: At 5:42 p.m. October 7, officers responded to a house in the 700 block of Main Street for a man who had brandished a knife and threatened to kill an acquaintance. Officers contacted the suspect in front of the house and arrested him without incident. The 56-year-old Roseville man was booked into jail on suspicion of brandishing a weapon and making criminal threats.

Vineyard, prowler: At 11:26 p.m. October 5, officers responded to a home in the 1400 block of East Hidalgo Circle, as the resident heard noises in the backyard. Officers located an intoxicated, possibly lost woman in the backyard. She was detained for being drunk in public.

Vineyard, theft: Overnight October 5/6, someone pried open a tool box in the back of a pickup in the 1400 block of Santa Fe Circle and stole hand tools.

Kaseberg/Kingswood, grand theft: Overnight October 6/7, someone stole equipment from a car wash on Derek Place.

West Roseville

Woodcreek, vehicle theft: Between October 8 and October 9, someone stole a Honda CRV from a parking lot at 1098 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. The car was unlocked and had a spare key inside. The car was later found undamaged in a nearby neighborhood, with the key missing.

Sun City, grand theft: Between 3 and 4 p.m. September 23, someone stole a set of golf clubs from an unattended golf cart at the main club house on Del Webb Boulevard.

Quail Glen, burglary: Between 8 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. October 6, someone went into a home in the 8100 block of Gilleland Drive through an unlocked window, ransacked the house and stole small, portable valuables.

Junction West, attempted burglary: Between 7:30 p.m. October 7 and 2:25 p.m. the next day, someone pried the door of an apartment at 1890 Junction Blvd., damaging the lock. No entry was made and nothing was taken.

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