Family-friendly holiday tradition in Rocklin

Rocklin, CA- Santa is returning to Rocklin to spread holiday cheer with the help of the Rocklin Firefighters. This exciting family-friendly tradition with Santa and his helpers is expected to begin each evening around 5:30 pm.

In the event of Mrs Claus requires Santa to return to the North Pole for unexpected Christmas work, Rocklin Firefighters will be posting updates on Facebook.

Santa schedule

Check the date and day below. Match it to the map link below to learn when Santa will be visiting your neighborhood.

  • December 1 (Day 1 on Map)
  • December 2 (Day 2 on Map)
  • December 3 (Day 3 on Map)
  • December 4 (Day 4 on Map)
  • December 7 (Day 5 on Map)
  • December 8 (Day 6 on Map)
  • December 9 (Day 7 on Map)
  • December 10 (Day 8 on Map)

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