City of Rocklin

Department aims to educate business owners and increase fire code compliance

Rocklin, Calif., – The Rocklin Fire Department has made a new commitment to improving its fire safety and prevention efforts in the community, in part, through an updated business inspection program.

Beginning in December 2019, the department will begin scheduling “general fire and life safety” inspections at all businesses within the City of Rocklin that are not already subject to regular operational permit or other state-mandated inspections, which are already being conducted. These inspections will begin in January 2020. Inspection fees are based on the costs to provide them, and the City will not generate additional revenue from inspections.

The updated inspection program will seek to inform businesses of the importance of adhering to the California fire code and how to address common issues, increasing community safety. Many common violations, such as improper exit signage and lighting, improper extension cord use, fire door violations and impeded exits can be easily addressed.

“Fire departments are most visible as first responders during an immediate emergency, but actively assisting the community in fire prevention efforts and minimizing the risk of injury or loss during a potential fire are two of the most important services we provide,” said Rocklin Fire Chief Bill Hack. “Routine inspections and fire code education play an important role in both of these efforts.”

The new general fire and life safety inspections will increase the community’s fire preparedness and in doing so, improve public safety and also provide economic benefits.

“Many people may not realize that by complying with the fire code, they’re protecting their business as well as their employees, customers, and neighbors,” said Chief Hack. “We’ve heard of insurance claims denied due to negligence, businesses closed for extended periods of time due to lost product or damage, and unnecessary injuries because of fires associated with things that could have been easily corrected during an inspection. We’re here to help the community avoid those types of situations.”

In advance of the new inspections, the fire department is conducting outreach to business owners to help them understand and prepare. This includes making pre-inspection checklists available, providing lists of common fire code violations and how to easily address them, and sharing other information that can streamline the process. Businesses are only responsible for adhering to fire code regulations that were current when they opened or moved in, as long as they have not made significant changes to their operations or occupancy classification.

For more information on the program and how to comply with an upcoming inspection, visit

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