Sunset Whitney Recreation Area

Expansion a welcome addition for residents

Rocklin, CA- Rocklin residents who enjoy walking, running or riding through the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area (SWRA) are one step closer to exploring another 0.75 miles of pathways after City Council approved $472,500 in funding for park improvements on Tuesday night.

$428,000 is available through state grants focused on recreation, with the city required to match $44,500. City Council approved resolutions to secure the grant monies and expressed the desire to fund Phase I of the East Trails expansion at SWRA once received.

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“This last year has shown how important this piece of property really…”

Jill Gayaldo, Rocklin Mayor
Sunset Whitney Recreation Area in Rocklin

Open additional portions

“City Council, the Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, and residents have all expressed a strong interest in improving the City’s trail system,” said Kevin Huntzinger, deputy director of Parks and Recreation. “This grant funding provides a great opportunity to open additional portions of SWRA for everyone to enjoy.”

The West Trails at SWRA currently offer residents 2.47 miles of pathways, which are popular with exercise enthusiasts as well as those just looking to take a stroll outdoors.

“This last year has shown how important this piece of property really is as residents spend more time outside,” Mayor Jill Gayaldo said. “It’s exciting to see the numbers of people using the trails and I’m looking forward to being able to fund an expansion of this popular amenity.”

Next Steps

Next steps include identifying the specific work needed to restore Phase I of the East Trails for public access, soliciting contractors to assist with the project, and City Council approval of the construction contract.

If the grant money is approved by Council for trail restoration, it will fund work to open 0.75 miles of walkway. SWRA will still have an additional two miles of path to bring up to standards, with funding to do so not yet identified.

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