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Illegal Solicitation of Charitable Donations

Rocklin Police and campus Security want to alert students & staff of individuals who are soliciting charitable donations in the form of magazine subscriptions on campus.

How the scam works:

The scammer approaches their victim and discusses the purchase of a magazine subscription (or other tangible item) related to a charitable organization, for cash, along with a cash administrative fee. If the victim informs the scammer they don’t have the cash on hand, the scammer will accompany them to the ATM machine to complete the order. After the scammer has the cash in hand, they inform the victim that there is no magazine subscription or continue with their scam by providing a false phone number or other erroneous information.

Rocklin Police and campus Security remind you to be vigilant when approached by anyone offering something for a cash donation or cash purchase. Always check their credentials and ensure they are a legitimate enterprise before completing any such transaction. Sierra College Administrative Procedure No. AP3910 states, in part, that “every person who solicits on District premises must have in his or her immediate possession written authorization granting specific consent to solicit, unless general consent is granted under this regulation.”

If you have been a victim of this scam or have information, please call campus security at 660-7000 (during normal business hours) or the Rocklin Police at 625-5400.   

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