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..on Measure H

Now that the vote for Measure H has been completed we (the city) have the obligation to ensure that the development plans are implemented as approved and that all factors, including the environmental mitigations, the housing details, the road system, the open space, the fire station, the bike trails, the cultural, the historic and all other factors are realized. 

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Our job is to bring this balanced plan to our community via the development process.  We are further encouraged by the United Auburn Indian Tribe leadership in protecting the cultural and historic areas further with the purchase and set aside of the valley floor.  We sincerely believe that this development will be a valued addition to our city.

…on Measure J

Due to Measure J losing, (we needed 66%) we as a city will now have to review the loss of these park maintenance fees.  Our large amount of community parks were built due to the overwhelming desire for our citizens to have multiple parks throughout the city.  We have strived to keep up with the demand for more and different types of parks to address each of the communities multiple desires.  These parks have been maintained by these park maintence fees which were just voted down.

 To the city this sends a message that our citizens want us to look at other solutions.  We will ask staff and the Recreation Commission to discuss options of either 1)how to replace these funds from some other city budget item, 2)create additional revenue from outside sources or 3)to look at lowering our costs through reduced maintenace or closure/conversion into open space areas.  We hope that our citizens will understand the possible changes due to this loss of revenue.

*Brett Storey

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