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When the City of Rocklin decided to make the switch to the environmentally friendly and cost effective practice of grazing sheep and goats to reduce foliage and minimize fire risk, few of us would have imagined the positive impact it would have on the community.

It was easy to grasp the purely practical reasons for grazing, yet as a community we enjoyed the aesthetic and aural beauty as we experienced a little touch of rural America as our hillsides and open spaces were dotted with these peaceful creatures. We also enjoyed a shared experience as a community, as residents parked their cars along busy roads, walked or simply gathered together to admire and discuss the beauty and appreciation of a simpler way of life.

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Rocklin is well known for its’ strong sense of community and the it’s been great to see something as simple and practical as grazing animals once again bring together residents and highlight what makes Rocklin special.

I think it’s safe to say that many of us share the hope that the City of Rocklin will continue this wonderful practice for years to come.

Being one of the many people who stopped and took pictures of the Sheep and Goats I must say I think what the City did was a great idea. Being a city person all my life it was neat to see all the livestock here in Rocklin. Took a walk one day when they were up on wetlands off of Wesley and you could hear people bahhhhhing lol. My Grandkids also enjoyed seeing them. I certainly hope they are back next year. Great Idea!!
Barb G

Goats and sheep did a good job.. A little too good.. Stripped the bark and leaves from some of my unprotected saplings.. Bummer.
Tony F.

We went up to the fence to see the goats. I was with my 5 year old and my two year old son’s. Next thing I know my son jumps back and starts screaming that something bit him. Not until my youngest son scream in pain after touching the fence did I realize it was electric. You see we came down to the path and turned right. All signs warning people of the electric fence was too the left. Bummer for the kids but they still talk about the goats and not to touch the fence.
Gerald J.

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