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In 2007, the Rocklin Police Department responded to more than 2,700 alarms, 99 % of which were false.  Burglary and Robbery alarms are high priority incidents requiring immediate deployment of a minimum of two patrol officers.  False alarms impact the safety of the community by diverting officers and communications personnel from actual emergencies and other calls for service.  

In an effort to decrease false alarms, the Rocklin City Council has adapted a new Alarm Ordinance into the Rocklin Municipal Code, which becomes law on Friday April 11th, 2008.    Any person or business which activates, operates, or maintains an alarm system upon any premises in the City of Rocklin needs to obtain an Alarm Permit.  Effective on April 11th, 2008, a resident or business is required to have an Alarm Permit before an alarm is installed and activated.  The Alarm Company can also be in violation of the Ordinance if they activate the alarm without insuring the resident has obtained a permit.  

Residents and Businesses who already have an alarm installed in the City of Rocklin will have a grace period until September 1st, 2008 to obtain an Alarm Permit. The Alarm Programย  link on the City of Rocklin website is the easiest way to obtain a permit.ย  You can print out an application or complete all the necessary information, including payment, through the website electronically.ย  The cost of an Alarm Permit is $25 for the first two years and $15 for each two year renewal.ย ย 

Each residence or business is given one free false alarm response in a rolling 12 month period, which begins when they obtain their Alarm Permit.  For General false alarms, there is a fine of $50 for the second response and $100 for the third and subsequent responses during the 12 month period.  For Holdup or Duress alarms, there is a fine of  $100 for the second response and $150 for the third and subsequent responses during the 12 month period. 

We have set up a telephone for residents and businesses to answer additional questions: (866) 541-7626

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