Rocklin, CA – Weekly crime report summary and digest update in Rocklin, CA for the period of June 22-29, 2015. 

  • Total Incidents: 1374
  • Officer Initiated Activity:532
  • Calls for Service:842
  • Arrests – Misdemeanor:21
  • Arrests – Felony:3
  • Cases Written:94
  • Traffic Stops:105
  • Citations:26
  • DUI Arrests:3
  • Accidents:0
  • Accident – Criminal:1

06/25/2015 – 06/26/2015
487(A)PC Grand Theft
3000 Block Argonaut Avenue
Between the hours of 8:30pm and 2:20am, an unknown person opened the unlocked rear hatch of the victim’s vehicle and removed luggage packed for an upcoming trip.

594(B)(1) PC – Vandalism
5400 block of Crossings Drive
Sometime between 12:00pm and 8:00 pm, the victim’s vehicle sustained severe paint damage through deep scratches on both sides and on top of the car.

01/01/2015 – 05/31/2015
530 PC – Identity Theft
3500 block of Sunset Boulevard
An unknown suspect(s) used the victim’s identity to open up credit cards.

530 PC – Identity Theft
800 block of Spotted Pony Lane
An unknown suspect(s) used the victim’s identity to open a fraudulent Verizon Wireless cell phone account.

530 PC – Identity Theft; 484(g) PC – Theft by Access Card
2200 block of Plaza Drive
An unknown suspect(s) used several different stolen identities to order goods via the Internet. The victim reported the numerous thefts that spanned over several weeks.

1203.2 PC – Probation Violation; 459.5 PC – Shoplifting; 11364 HS – Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia
6800 block of Lonetree Boulevard
At 5:07 pm, suspect Joshua Aaron Benson, entered a business and concealed some merchandise under his clothing. Customers saw this and alerted the employee who stopped Benson outside. Benson became combative and was detained until the police arrived. Benson had narcotic paraphernalia on him and he was also on felony probation which was violated because of this incident. Benson was booked into Placer County jail.  (Joshua Aaron Benson, 23 years old from Rocklin)

459 PC – Vehicle Burglary
4800 Block of Granite Drive
Between 130 AM and 0135 AM, while victim went inside the business, unknown suspect(s) entered the victims locked vehicle and took property.

06/25/2015 – 06/26/2015
487 PC- Grand Theft
4400 Block of Rocklin Road
Victim invited known suspect over and sometime during the night, known suspect took cash exceeding the value of $950.

487 PC- Grand Theft
3400 Block of Stony Road
In an unknown time frame, unknown suspect(s) took cash exceeding $950 from victim’s bedroom.

487 PC- Grand Theft
6800 Block of Lonetree Boulevard
Between 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, while the victim was away from his vehicle, unknown suspects(s), cut two catalytic converters from underneath the vehicle. These catalytic converters were valued at over $950.

487 PC- Grand Theft
6600 Block of Lonetree Boulevard
Between 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM, while victim was away from his vehicle, unknown suspects(s), cut catalytic converter from underneath the vehicle. The catalytic converter was valued at over $950.

06/24/2015 – 06/28/2015
459 PC – Residential Burglary
1600 Block of Sammy Way
While victim was away from her residence, unknown suspect(s) removed a window screen, opened an unlocked window and entered the residence. Suspect(s) left the residence with some of the victim’s property.

*Rocklin Police Department