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Transitioning to the Placer County Animal Shelter

Rocklin, Calif.- The City of Rocklin Animal Shelter located in Rocklin is officially no longer accepting animals. The City has begun the process of contracting with and transitioning to the Placer County Animal Shelter while future options are considered.

The Placer County Animal Shelter is located at: 11251 B Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603 Phone: (530) 886-5500

The Rocklin shelter staff was successful in getting all of the current animals at the Rocklin Shelter adopted out by private citizens or adopted by animal rescue groups. Only one current dog will need to be transferred to Placer County at this time, and it is awaiting to be reclaimed by its’ owner. No animals were euthanized as a result of this transition. We are fortunate that the few animals that were at the Rocklin shelter found good and adoptable homes.

The City of Rocklin will continue to explore future options for a local animal shelter in Rocklin and are encouraged by our renewed relationship with Placer County, who has proven to be a good partner with our animal sheltering needs in the past. The Placer County Animal Shelter in Auburn will break ground next month on a new, state of the art shelter that will ensure quality of life for sheltered animals and they anticipate much faster adoption rates. Placer County is a “no kill shelter” and does not euthanize any animals that are adoptable.

Other than the location of the Shelter moving from Rocklin to Auburn, nothing regarding animal control services in the City of Rocklin will change. The City will continue providing Animal Control field services, dog licensing, and be responsible for sheltering lost or surrendered animals. The only change is our animal shelter contract with be with Placer County rather than the previous contract with a local veterinarian.

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