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Political correctness runs amok

Sacramento, Calif.- Once upon a time comedy allowed us to explore the absurdities of life and take time away from reality to laugh at ourselves and our differences. Times have changed.ย  Political correctness creeps across our society and corporate America in almost Puritanical fashion. Comedians risk being burned at the stake for almost every wisecrack, for surely there is some group no matter how large or small that will be offended andย seek retribution, often demanding a firing, calling for advertising boycotts or claiming civil rights abuse. Preposterous. Welcome to comedy in 2009.

The latest case involves The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show a Sacramento area radio program, which the last time I checked was nothing more than a comedy  show.  In a recent broadcast, transgender people were labeled as “freaks”, “weirdos” and “drama queens”.  Oh, the sheer horror of it all, huh?   Some groups and advertisers were up in arms over the comments and began pulling ads and threatening more action. 

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So, it comes as no surprise that Rob Williams was most likely and dare we speculate to suggest forced to issue an apology to keep the show on air and advertisers andย special interest groups happy.ย  Nothing wrong with that, a man needs to make a living and keeping your job typically involves listening toย your employer. In this case, Entercom Broadcasting Corp.

A rational person might assume that the radio station management would stand by their employees comedy routine and allow people  to accept  The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show for what it is, comedy- nothing more.  However the outrage says more about corporate interests and special interest groups than it does about the comments aired, which we found innocuous.

With over 300+ million Americans to possibly offend at any given moment, laughing at ourselves just might become a criminal act.

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