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Letter to the Editor- Local Newspapers Going Downhill Fast

The economy stinks and newspapers are struggling as they try to cut costs. That’s fine and fully understandable. Businesses are doing what they can do to survive.

Duh, We get it.

What I don’t understand is how local newspaper editors (who should be concerned with facts) place their ridiculous corporate spin on the facts. Do they sincerely believe their readers are that ignorant or do they just believe the corporate baloney being shoveled at them?  I suggest a little of both, but mostly the former, not the latter.

“Designed to Improve the Readers Experience with sleeker, cleaner and easier to read..”

I choked on my soup in laughter when I read that, are they serious?ย  Am I really supposed to believe this “New” paper which is now much smaller, printed on little more than paper not much thicker than toilet paper is now going to improve my reading experience?ย  Maybe it’s the new font that will transport me to reading Nirvana? ย If that doesn’t work, maybe the environmentally friendly angle will get them.ย  (sorry folks, newspapers and environmentally friendly is an oxymoron)ย  C’mon, is this what passes for journalism in 2009.

When media spins stories for it’s own benefit and ignores the hard facts and economic reality of it’s own situation, is it any wonder why media has lost so much respect?  If I want to numb my mind with imaginary drivel, I can always switch on the television, thank you.

Here’s an idea for local newspapers, The Truth. Go ahead and try it.  We’re all grown up and can take it, really!

(Art K.)

*Letter to the Editor

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