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Forensic Palynology used in Crime Fighting

Atchoo! Whoever coined the phrase Spring is in the air, surely must have been talking about pollen.

For many, the high pollen counts of spring deliver a brutal dose of incessant sneezing, running nose and watery eyes.

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If you have a nasal allergy to pollen, you suffer from pollinosis. An allergic reaction specific to grass pollen is hay fever, although the word hay is a misnomer.

Pollen Allergies: Dairy Relief or Big Pharma?

Some researchers claim dairy products may offer hope in the allergy battle and that “probiotic bacteria in food and drinks reduce the body’s immune response to allergens.”ย 

This would be great news for allergy sufferers. If a viable alternative to allergy medicine can be found simply by eating or drinking common beverages, this would dent the profits of pharmaceutical companies and save consumers from stockpiling all those boxes of tissues. ย Learn more at

Pollen and Science

While allergies most often comes to mind when the the term pollen count is mentioned, did you know pollen plays a role in forensic science and can be an aid in crime fighting?

For examples, it has been discussed that pollen grains can be coated and attached to bullets so that when fired, the grains attach to the handler and are very difficult to wash off.ย 

There is also Forensic Palynology, which is the study of pollen and powdered minerals, their identification, and where and when they occur, to ascertain that a body or other object was in a certain place at a certain time. This can be a useful tool in helping to solve crimes.

So the next time you sneeze or look at your pollen coated car, remember that there may be simple alternatives to popping allergy pills for relief and that pollen may be used solve a mystery or catch a criminal.

Find theย Pollen Count in Your Area

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