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Debra Roland from Silverado Middle School and Barret Hess from Lincoln High School have been named 2014 Placer County Teachers of the Year.

Debra, an 8th grade Language Arts teacher, has been teaching for 10 years and was influenced by many educations to become a teacher herself. She counts some of her own children’s teachers as inspiring, because they did more than just teach the required material; they developed relationships and built trust with their students and made the learning come alive. Her mentors and colleagues have helped mold her into an outstanding teacher, and she is constantly collaborating with smart, motivated, involved colleagues because she finds it energizing and a powerful resource.

Barret is a high school Agriculture teacher who has been teaching a total of 10 years. He teaches such classes as Beginning and Advanced Metal Fabrication and Design and Power Mechanics at a 500 acre working farm facility in Lincoln. Barret didn’t start out his career wanting to teach, but as it turns out, he says “teaching found me.”

Debra Roland will now go on to represent Placer County at the state level Teacher of the Year contest.