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Placer County public health officials announced today that lab results came back negative for a student at a local charter school who was tested for the measles.

The case attracted widespread attention after the Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School in Rocklin notified parents of the potential measles case.

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Dr. Robert Oldham, the county’s Public Health Officer, reported today that Placer County has had no confirmed measles cases.

He emphasized that Placer County public health officials are on high alert for suspected measles cases and need the public’s help in halting the spread of the disease.

“While it is a relief to all of us that this particular student did not have measles, we are still concerned about the possibility of the measles outbreak extending into our region,” Dr. Oldham said. “We continue to urge families to make sure that their vaccinations are up to date. Given the current measles outbreak, the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is especially important. “

Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica states, “I support the direction of our Public Health Officer, Dr. Oldham.  I also urge parents to take steps to protect their children immediately. Measles is an infection that spreads easily through the air. Although parents have the right to refuse the vaccination, it is in the best interest of all of our students that we look at the proven ways we can prevent the spread of a highly contagious virus.”

Measles typically begins with fever, cough, runny nose and red eyes, and, within a few days, a red rash appears, usually first on the face and then spreading downward to the rest of the body. 

The disease can be fatal or lead to serious neurological disabilities in some cases. 

Residents with symptoms who believe they may have been exposed to the measles should contact their health care providers. Except in emergencies, it is best to contact health care providers by phone initially so other patients are not potentially exposed to the measles.

More information about the measles can be found on the CDPH website at

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