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Rocklin, CA-Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has awarded Sierra College with $59,000 in energy efficiency rebates which will save the center about $835,000 a year in energy costs. 

“These energy efficiency upgrades will allow the Sierra College Rocklin Campus to save on energy costs, as well as reduce its energy usage. We are here to help our customers, whether commercial, small business or residential, save energy and money. There are a variety of programs that offer rebates and can make upgrades very affordable,” said Clay Schmidt, senior manager for PG&E’s Sierra Division.

After taking part in an energy audit, the College followed recommendations to install variable frequency drives on air handling units for nine buildings on the Rocklin Campus. Variable frequency drives reduce electrical energy consumption by adjusting a motors speed to match the required load, rather than running at 100 percent capacity all of the time. These variable frequency drives will reduce fan speed and air flow during mild outside air temperatures which will reduce energy consumption of fans, chillers and boilers.

“The $59,000 check represents the latest in a long string of incentives that Sierra College has received from PG&E. We continue to benefit from the expertise and excellent customer service our PG&E representatives provide. This money will be used to help fund other energy savings Proposition 39 projects,” said Colin Irwin, deputy director of Plant Operations at Sierra College.

The projected annual savings from the upgrades are 211,320 kilowatt hours of electricity and 8,299 therms of natural gas per year. PG&E estimates the improvements will save the college $835,000 in electric and natural gas costs each year.

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