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Celebrations and Gatherings spark complaints

Auburn, Calif.- As the weather warms, the number of parties, weddings and other events begin to increase. So too do the complaints about these events.

Problems can include large, unpermitted events, loud or after hour noise, parking on private and public roadways, beer and wine tastings and public gatherings. Complaints typically come from affected citizens and neighbors.

In response to ongoing community concerns, Placer County is beginning a new Code Enforcement Weekend Event (WE) program and hotline. Beginning April 9, 2015, the program will assist concerned citizens and neighbors with after hour and weekend events. Through a newly established hotline, a Code Enforcement Officer will now be on call and able to respond to problems and complaints at the time of the event. 

Noise complaints generated by events, tastings, or public parties will be handled through the WE program. Other noise complaints about private parties, motorcycle tracks, loud occupant music and similar issues should be referred to the Sheriff’s Office.

“The County continues to demonstrate its commitment to the community and this program is a great example of how the County is listening to residents and developing ways to address their needs and concerns,” said Chief Building Official Tim Wegner. “With officers available on the predominant days and times events occur, County staff will be available to quickly find solutions to problems and return community balance and harmony.”

The on-call officer will be available to respond Thursday through Sunday, including evening hours and holidays. On holiday days occurring outside of the Thursday through Sunday window, a code enforcement officer will still be available. Code Enforcement staff will focus on reports from the public, and investigate events and parties as they occur.

Weekends are typically the days when most of these large, unpermitted events happen and having a Code Enforcement Officer on call will help ensure complaints and concerns are addressed when they happen. The pilot program will primarily be directed to the County’s western side. Once the program is up and running and the wrinkles ironed out, Code Enforcement will consider expansion to other areas of the County.

Concerned citizens and neighbors can call the WE hotline and convey their concerns about an event while it’s happening. To reach an officer for weekend event concerns/complaints, please contact the WE hotline by calling (530) 401-8229.

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