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Youth efforts and community partnerships show results

Auburn, Calif. – The Auburn City Council unanimously passed a civil social host ordinance during their city council meeting. Teen leaders from the Placer County Youth Commission and the Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth worked together to bring the issue of underage drinking to the attention of parents, youth, community members and city leaders. Social host ordinances hold adults accountable for hosting, permitting or allowing gatherings where minors are drinking.

Underage drinking is a major concern in Placer County. Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug by youth, and locally teens have easy access with 62 percent of local 9 th graders reporting alcohol is easy to get. Teens often get alcohol at parties at home or a friend’s home, through older siblings, or from parents or other adults. Alcohol is a major contributor to teen death and injuries and research shows that alcohol can harm the developing teen brain. Furthermore, young people who begin drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to have alcohol-related problems later in life.

Teens across Placer County are leading a movement to shift norms and prevent underage drinking. These young people are working to move policies and to educate and engage their communities about taking steps to reduce underage alcohol use. The youth leaders of the Placer County Youth Commission and the Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth are holding a press conference to educate the community about Auburn’s new social host ordinance, which follows similar ordinances passed in Rocklin and Roseville.

Youth leaders from the Placer County Youth Commission and students from Placer High School will hold a press conference to speak about why preventing underage drinking is important to them and their hopes for the future.

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