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Part 25 in our ongoing series highlighting the new California laws for 2013. This segment includes taxes, employment, mortgage loans, education and more.

The California Legislature passed over 800 new laws for California residents and business and this series breaks downs those laws into digestible portions to help keep residents better informed. Readers can stop by and quickly scan a segment of new laws to learn what may impact them. Links to the legislature’s full text of each new law will be also be included.

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Summer Fun Starts Here!

Summer Fun Starts Here!

California’s New Laws for 2013 – Segment 25

  • AB 2618 – Sales and use taxes, auction, vehicles.AB 2620 – Tidelands and submerged lands, granted public trust lands.
  • AB 2641 – Nonprofit corporations, Internet Web site.
  • AB 2643 – Property taxation.
  • AB 2649 – Tidelands and submerged lands, City and County of San Francisco, seawall lots.
  • AB 2654 – Mining liens, definitions.
  • AB 2657 – Electronic court reporting.
  • AB 2659 – Vehicles, driver’s licenses.
  • AB 2660 – Vehicles, peace officer vehicles, window tinting or glazing.
  • AB 2662 – Education.
  • AB 2663 – Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security. Teachers’ Retirement Law.
  • AB 2664 – County employees’ retirement, electronic signatures.
  • AB 2666 – Mortgage loan originators.
  • AB 2667 – Personal property, fraudulent transfers.
  • AB 2668 – Corporate agents, indemnification.
  • AB 2669 – Environmental quality, California Environmental Quality Act.
  • AB 2671 – Jobs, Economic Development and Economy. Small business financial development corporations, loans and loan guarantees.
  • AB 2674 – Employment records, right to inspect.
  • AB 2675 – Employment contract requirements. Provides exemptions to a 2011 law. Requires written commission agreements such as an exemption for one-time bonuses.

All of California’s Laws may be accessed via the State Legislature website.

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