Roseville, Calif. – New California laws for 2017. Part 6 includes mental health, tribal gaming, employee discrimination, search warrants, domestic violence, state parks, rental property bed bugs, and more.

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New California Laws 2017 – Part 6

  • AB-466– Tribal gaming:compact ratification.
  • AB-467– Pyrotechnic devices: model rockets.
  • AB-468– Wards and conservatees: mental health.
  • AB-475– Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB-477– Elections: ballots and the Green Party.
  • AB-485– Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Prevention of Animal Homelessness and Cruelty Fund.
  • AB-486– Centralized hospital packaging pharmacies: medication labels.
  • AB-488– Employment discrimination.
  • AB-489– Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act.
  • AB-494– Restraining orders: protection of animals.
  • AB-495– Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers.
  • AB-496– Pupil nutrition: fresh drinking water: funding.
  • AB-498– Wildlife conservation: wildlife corridors.
  • AB-499– Insurance: earthquake: mandatory offer.
  • AB-501– State fabric.
  • AB-502– Dental hygiene.
  • AB-503– Emergency medical services.
  • AB-506– Limited liability companies.
  • AB-509– California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: exemptions.
  • AB-516– Vehicles: temporary license plates.
  • AB-525– Franchise relations: renewal and termination.
  • AB-526– Pupils: attendance at community college.
  • AB-527– Alcoholic beverage control: tied-house restrictions: advertising.
  • AB-530– Lower Los Angeles River Working Group.
  • AB-532– State agencies: collection of data: race or ethnic origin.
  • AB-536– Domestic violence: protective orders.
  • AB-538– Actions for damages: felony offenses: victim notification.
  • AB-539– Search warrants.
  • AB-545– Domestic violence.
  • AB-546– Peace officers: basic training requirements.
  • AB-547– Elections: special elections: all-mailed ballot elections.
  • AB-548– Estates: administrators.
  • AB-549– State park system.
  • AB-551– Rental property: bed bugs.

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