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This news section includes select news coverage from various cities throughout the Golden State.  From Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Monterey, Napa, Lake Tahoe, to local communities such Lincoln, Loomis, Auburn or any of the 400 plus cities in California. You never know what you’ll find here.

PCWA announces Water Efficiency Rebates

Three new water efficiency rebate programs will be offered to customers of the Placer County Water Agency, it was announced at Thursday's (Nov. 20) meeting of the PCWA Board of Directors.

Placer County Office of Education selects four employees of the year

Four outstanding PCOE employees were presented to the Placer County Board of Education by Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, county superintendent of schools: Matt Tofft, ROP Instructor, certificated employee of the year; Robbie Farrell, administrative assistant, classified employee of the year

New rules for wood stove owners in Placer County?

In an effort to reduce particulate-matter emissions from wood stoves and other wood-burning appliances, the Placer County Air Pollution Control District is considering requiring that any wood-burning appliance installed in new construction

Meeting on new Placer County building codes

The Placer County Building Department wants to make sure local homebuilders know to expect changes in building code requirements beginning Jan. 1.

Rolfing deeper and more powerful than massage

After Rolfing¨ was featured on Oprah Winfrey on April 26th the phones began to ring in offices across the country Ð my own included! Although Rolfing has been practiced for more than fifty years, most people have many questions about it. Here are some of the most typical I receive.

Roseville Real Estate – January Review

Julie Jalone, Sacramento Realtor, reviews how the Roseville real estate market performed during the first month of 2007.

Tips, Precautions on buying Firewood

With the wood stove and fireplace season upon us, Placer County Agricultural Commissioner Christine Turner is reminding consumers to know what they are getting when buying firewood.

34-Years Old Murder Solved in Ranch Cordova

In the early morning hours of September 30, 1972, the body of Shannon Ritter, a 12-year old girl, was discovered by the mother of four young children (ages 3,4,5,& 7) Shannon had been babysitting in a Rancho Cordova apartment.

Roebbelen Welcomes New Owner

Local builder Roebbelen is pleased to welcome Rob McLean as a new owner to the Roebbelen Management Team which already includes owners Terry Street, Ken DeBruhl, Dennis Daniell, Bob Kjome, and Dave Thuleen.

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