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The current uproar over comments from popular Radio Host Michael Savage in which he basically calls Autism a fraud shows that regarding Autism there is still a long way to go helping people understand Autism. Instead of demanding his ouster from employment, which we feel serves little purpose. We suggest educating Michael Savage about Autism and it’s impact on individuals and families.

I have a son with Autism. Prior to having a child with a disability, I was quite uneducated about Autism and certainly not as sensitive or aware of the needs of those with various disabilities. Thanks to our son, I like to think I have gained some of that compassion and understanding.

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If we can educate Mr. Savage regarding Autism, which he clearly is not, he is far more likely to become an advocate for those with Autism instead of an ignorant critic. We hope Michael Savage uses this controversy as an opportunity that will help elevate the Autistic community.

Being ignorant isn’t a crime, even if you do have your own radio show.

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