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To date, over 20 signs endorsing “Yes on H”  signs have been destroyed and defaced. Many have been ripped in half while other have had  derogatory messages painted over them.

In response, community leaders from throughout Rocklin called upon voters to denounce the tactics and continue to press forward in their effort to bring more open space and less traffic to Rocklin. A police report was also filed with the Rocklin Police Department.

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Rocklin community leaders have already begun speaking out:

‘This type of activity is not representative of our community, and I am disappointed that the opponents of Measure H have turned to these types of desperate tactics.’
Peter Hill
Rocklin City Council

‘It’s unfortunate that extremists, vandals really, would take to destroying private property. Such activity is most unprofessional and reflects poorly on their group. I hope our Rocklin PD can find and prosecute them.’
Scott Yuill
Rocklin City Council

‘I ask all Rocklin residents to join me in rejecting this type of dirty campaigning.’
Kathy Lund
Rocklin City Council

‘Rocklin is a friendly community of dedicated volunteers. It’s shocking that there are individuals who would do this.’
Margaret Azevedo, Chair
Rocklin Park and Recreation Commission

‘This type of activity sets a bad example for our students. Rocklin residents should join together in rejecting these tactics.’
Wendy Lang
Rocklin Unified School Board

Unfortunately, the destruction or defacing of political signs is nothing new for this community. This writer recalls significant sign tampering and removals during the City Couccil election in 2004.  Most readers see this behavior as a  poor reflection on their community and bad example for the younger generation.  Some residents are  fed up with the process and have even suggested a measure to eliminate political signage in Rocklin.
Welcome to Rocklin politics.

Let us know your thoughts. Does this affect your vote one way or another?

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