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Update: This morning it was reported that the injured skier, 29ย has died as a result of his injuries.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of a search and rescue operation near Stanford Rock (Outside of Alpine Meadows.) ย At 2:50 p.m.,ย they were advised of an injured skierย possibly as the result of an avalanche. The unidentified male skier was near 2-3 other skiers when the avalanche occurred, they said, and one was able to ski out of the area and notify the Sheriff’s Office.

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The skier is in extremely rugged terrain and is in an area that is very difficult to reach, according to rescuers on scene. At 3 p.m., a snowcat, two snowmobiles and a team of skiers from the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue team began their attempts to reach the skier.ย 

The injured skier is being brought out by rescuers right now. He will most likely be transported to Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee. Please note that this occurred 500 vertical feet below Stanford Rock, not at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. It’s off the backside of the resort and the command post is many miles from the resort.

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