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Telefunken Electronics Company struck in hydrogen storage area

The Roseville Fire Department responded to Telefunken Electronics Company at 7501 Foothills Blvd. on Sunday for a fire in the hydrogen storage area.

As fire apparatus approached the area they encountered a strong thunderstorm that was producing large hailstones that had covered the streets, making their response slow and slippery.

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When they arrived, Telefunken staff reported that a lightning bolt had struck a hydrogen vent pipe which had caused a momentary fire that quickly extinguished itself.

Fire and hazmat personnel checked the hydrogen storage system for damage, but were surprised that there was minimal damage and no leaks from the hydrogen system.

A total of six apparatus and 24 personnel responded to this incident. There were no reported injuries.

On a sidenote, firefighters responded to multiple major calls in the area as a result of the severe weather that lasted about 60 minutes. Calls consisted or multiple vehicle accidents, trees into homes, etc. There were no major injuries as a direct result of the thunderstorms.

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