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Sacramento, Calif. – Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, recently announced that he has introduced legislation that would streamline and reduce the number of state regulations on the books and make it easier and less costly to create and retain jobs in California.
‘Businesses are folding everyday and others are leaving because of the extremely high regulatory burden the state has placed on them,’ Gaines said.   ‘As our state continues to bleed jobs, it’s imperative that the Legislature do more to make all of California more competitive. State government must stop imposing misguided regulations that are essentially disguised taxes and are driving up costs and driving jobs away.  We need government to get out the way and stop wasting individuals’ time that could be better spent on the growth and success of their business.’
Modeled after a successful effort in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Assembly Bill 2603 would force bureaucrats to permanently reduce the number of state regulations by 33 percent.  It would also create a 10-year moratorium on increases in the net number of regulations.  Any new regulations imposed by state agencies must be accompanied by the repeal of another regulation.
Just a few years ago, British Columbia was one of the most heavily-regulated provinces in all of Canada, with 383,000 regulations on the books. 

‘Realizing the impact over regulation was having on investment and economic growth, government leaders undertook a plan to consolidate one-third of its regulations,’ Gaines said.  ‘To date, British Columbia has slashed 42 percent of its regulations, cutting 165,000 regulatory requirements.  This is a model we can learn from in California.  Now British Columbia is one of Canada’s economic growth leaders.’
‘As a small business owner myself, I know first hand how expensive and difficult it is complying with regulation after regulation just to keep my doors open,’ Gaines said. ‘It is a tragedy that too many people these days are dissuaded from starting new small businesses in California because of the paperwork and hidden fees relating to business ownership.  We cannot allow this to go on any longer.
Assemblyman Ted Gaines represents the 4th Assembly District, which includes portions of Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento & Alpine counties.

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