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Billed as an Epic One-Night Event, Roseville area residents have the opportunity to see Led Zeppelin on the big Screen March 30th at Century Roseville, courtesy Swan Song and Atlantic Records.

Taken from the Led Zeppelin DVD that went to #1 around the world, the show covers blistering early performances from the band that pushed aside the Beatles and Stones in the 70’s. From the 1970 Royal Albert Hall up to the Knebworth shows in 1979 where massive crowds gathered to close out the decade and witness the most powerful rock band in the world.

The footage will be edited down from the lengthy DVD release and will also include performance from Earl’s Court in 1975 and Madison Square Garden in 1973.

The performances will include the following:

1 Communication Breakdown (Royal Albert Hall – Jan. 9, 1970)
2. Bring It on Home/Bring It on Back (Royal Albert Hall – Jan. 9, 1970)
3. Immigrant Song (Sydney Showground – Feb. 27, 1972)
4. Black Dog (Madison Square Garden – July 28, 1973)
5. Misty Mountain Hop (Madison Square Garden – July 27 & 28, 1973)
6. The Ocean (Madison Square Garden – July 27 & 29, 1973)
7. Going to California (Earls Court – May 25, 1975)
8. In My Time of Dying (Earls Court – May 24, 1975)
9. Stairway to Heaven (Earls Court – May 25, 1975)
10. Rock and Roll (Knebworth – Aug. 4, 1979)
11. Nobody’s Fault but Mine (Knebworth – Aug. 4, 1979)
12. Kashmir (Knebworth – Aug. 4, 1979)
13. Whole Lotta Love (Knebworth – Aug. 4, 1979)

For diehard fans, the glaring omission of 1977 footage is the only sore spot. To experience Zeppelin at its best in 1977, just search YouTube for  Zeppelin Los Angeles 1977 for some amazing performance and you’ll hear why.

For the rest of us music fans, a night at the movies is a fun escape to relive a little youth and enjoy some rock n’ roll history from the mythical gods of 1970’s music culture.

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