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Updated: Location Reported Permanently Closed

Roseville, Calif- ย–Brothers Kyoshi Ron and Kyoshi Dave Joslin, owners of Joslin’s Martial Arts Center, a nationally recognized karate school proudly servicing the Roseville community for more than 22 years, announced today they will celebrate June 16, 10:00 a.m. at a grand opening of their school’s new location at 1801 Cirby Way #1, between Oakmont High School and Rocky Ridge, in a commemorative ribbon cutting ceremony with Roseville Mayor Gina Garbolino and guests.

Members of the community are invited to join the celebration, tour the new Joslin’s Martial Arts Center and meet with 7th degree Black Belt Master instructors Ron and Dave Joslin. VIP Passes – good for free classes – will be available for children and adults wanting to try their hand at the ancient Okinawa art.

For over 33 years, Kyoshi Ron and Kyoshi Dave have been nurturing children with character building tools they believe are found only in karate. According to Kyoshi Dave, ‘No other sport can match it. After enrolling, watch as your child increases in confidence, energy, and spirit. Parents are often dazzled as their child becomes unstoppable in his/her quest for greater academic achievement, unshakable self respect and increased strength and fitness in both body and mind.’

The brothers have won various championships in forms, sparring and traditional weapons forms, however, they are most proud of their achievements in developing students. According to Kyoshi Ron, ‘A black belt is a white belt who never gave up. Our students set a tremendous example of perseverance and demonstrate positive attitudes as well as superior levels of proficiency.’

Joslins’ have a long standing reputation for the highest standards in quality instruction receiving an award for being the number one rated martial arts school in the country in quality and service for 5 consecutive years. The rating came from I.C.A.N. (a national martial arts consulting and tuition billing company based in Florida).

Brothers Kyoshi Ron and Kyoshi Dave Joslin have been teaching an art from Okinawa Japan called IsshinRyu Karate to children and adults for more than 33 years. They opened their first school in Ypsilanti, Michigan on November 5th, 1977 and brought their school of IsshinRyu Karate to Northern California in 1988. In the two plus decades they have taught thousands of children and adults and promoted over 200 people to the rank of Black Belt (4 year degree) in Auburn, Roseville and Granite Bay Communities.

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