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Auburn, Calif.- For over a decade, New Mourning Counseling Services has served the South Placer community and provided psychological and therapeutic assistance through life’s many trials and transitions. 

Initially, the practice focused on the needs of the terminally ill and their families as they faced the uncertainty surrounding pending death and subsequent grief.  Through this experience, it became apparent that, in fact, grief occurs in all life transitions, far beyond death and dying. Grief can present itself even through happy events such as childbirth, marriage and retirement. 

As the therapists continue to specialize in journeying their clients through the processes of change, the principals concluded that an updated name would better represent the foundation of the practice.  As part of the growing process inherent to any business, the team launched a thorough and detailed plan to research and adopt a name that would give clients, partner health providers, and the public-at-large a clearer depiction of the agency’s services.

After several months of collaboration, Executive Director Sherry Douden recently announced the new name – Insights Counseling Services.

“This was an eye-opening process that gave our team the opportunity to identify the cornerstones of our practice, what we want to convey to our clients, and our continued commitment to those struggling through grief.  We are excited to work under a positive name that reflects the self-awareness that comes from therapy and introspection,” commented Douden.

While the practice will continue to grow in response to the needs of its clientele, Insights’ objective remains the same – to promote healing and growth through psychotherapy, education and creative outlets.

Insights is grateful to the many generous donors and grantors that have supported its efforts to extend services to under-served populations and is always working to secure additional funding.

To donate, or if you know someone in need of support, please contact us at (530) 887-1300.

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