India Culture Week at Rocklin High School

ROCKLIN, CA – Rocklin High School will experience Indian Culture Week April 3rd – 7th.  Club Interact and the Multi-Cultural Club on campus will be hosting this event, along with support from their advisors Ms. Kanowsky and Ms. Lee.  India will be the country represented this year due to its rich culture, including religion and food. 

Throughout the week, different activities will be offered during lunch to expose students to many aspects that make up this amazing culture.  On Monday there will be a fashion show, as well as Dandia, a stick dance, orchestrated by Sister Hansa a local Indian woman.  Tuesday there will be a Yoga demonstration and a vegetable cooking demonstration with Sister Hansa.  Wednesday will be a Henna workshop where students will get to wear a tattoo like those worn by Indian women.  Thursday there will be Indian food samples and Raki bracelets.  On Friday at the end of the VAPA assembly, students at RHS will perform an Indian Bollywood Dance to a modern song from India.  In addition to lunch time activities, art classes will be making India inspired masks and paintings, there will be a Sari display, and an event featuring Gandhi. 

As Vice President of the Multi-Cultural Club, Misha Zahedi states the purpose of culture week is to remind students, “that there is a bigger place than Rocklin.”  The goal is to broaden people’s minds and expose them to information they didn’t know beforehand.  They want students to be aware of ideas different than their own and realized the how important each and every country is to the world today. 

For more information call Mark Douglas, Assistant Principal, at 632-1600 ext 127

*Bree Bocksberger