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(ARA) ย– When you were a teenager, pimples were a fact of life you simply dealt with, but who would have thought they’d still be tormenting you in your 20s, 30s and beyond?

Adult acne is a problem that, according to the Web site,, affects 25 percent of men and 50 percent of  women at some time in their adult lives. Although the triggers for adult acne are unknown, it is thought to have hormonal roots. Diet, evolutionary biology, vitamin deficiency and stress may also play a factor.

No matter what the cause, in order to truly treat and prevent acne and other types of skin blemishes, you need to both clear the skin of acne and give it the ability to control oil and other root causes of skin blemishes. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Acne starts deep, and most treatments on the market today only clean the surface of your skin and treat the last stage of acne ย– what you see as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and other ugly blemishes. If you want to truly launch an effective battle, you need to quite literally get under the skin.

A treatment that will help is the 3-step TriClear Acne Solution System, one of today’s most advanced, scientifically-based acne treatment brands.

Step 1 is a purifying cleaner that removes oil, dirt and other clogging material with Sodium Hyaluronate, a powerful yet gentle mineral-based cleansing formula that holds in moisture while it cleans. The formula also contains Chamomile Extract that soothes irritation and helps prepare the skin for acne repair and prevention.

Step 2 is a repairing gel containing Silicol Dioxide that forms a thin and light gel barrier on the skin. The gel absorbs excess oil, which is then removed when the skin is rinsed. Silicol Dioxide has been clinically proven to help cut oil production by 54 percent.

Step 3 is a revitalizing gel containing Salicylic Acid which not only shrinks pimples, but also gently and effectively removes dead skin cells to keep pores open and clear.

In an independently-conducted consumer research test, 98 percent of the 240 participants said TriClear healed existing acne within two weeks of use; 96 percent reported smoother, healthier looking skin within two weeks; 74 percent saw results in as little as seven days or less; and 71 percent of the participants said they preferred TriClear to the other acne treatments they had tried.

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