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The City of Roseville is committed to keeping our community sparkling clean and beautiful.  Our goal is to clean up graffiti as quickly as possible, and to identify and prosecute graffiti vandals.  If you see graffiti anywhere in the City of Roseville, call (916)746-1021 anytime, 24 hours a day, and leave a message. Staff will check the line daily and take the following actions:

1. If the graffiti is on City property, it will first be photographed for documentation and future prosecution of the graffiti vandal. Then a city crew will clean it up or paint over it. Our goal is to remove all graffiti from City property within a day or two.

2.  If the graffiti is on private or commercial property, it will be photographed for documentation and future prosecution of the graffiti vandal, and then the property owner will be notified to remove the graffiti within ten days.

The Roseville Police Department finds and cites graffiti vandals. The Court orders the vandals, or their parents, to pay restitution to the City and other property owners for the damage they have caused.  Roseville Police officers have cited 27 graffiti vandals so far this year–five adults and 22 juveniles. The total restitution bill for this group of vandals will be approximately $18,000. One juvenile vandal alone caused $5,000 in clean-up costs.

If you see someone in the act of committing graffiti vandalism, call 911. If you have information about a graffiti vandal, call Roseville Crime Stoppers at (916)783-7867. Roseville Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips leading to arrest.

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