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Roseville, Calif.ย – Sierra Pregnancy & Health (SPH) announced they have begun offering free testing and treatment for STD/STIs, including gonorrhea and chlamydia, a service that has been lacking in Placer County, despite an increase in infections. Early stages of STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are often asymptomatic, exhibiting few symptoms, if any.

The STD/STI testing is administered through a urine and swab test, and then sent to a lab for examination. If the results present as positive, patients will receive medication for free, under the care of the clinic’s physician and nursing staff. At this time, only women are screened and treated with plans to include men in the near future.





“Nationally, there are about three million new cases of chlamydia per year,” says Tricia Lewis, Executive Director of Sierra Pregnancy & Health. “No patient deserves to have an infection go undetected or untreated due to limited access of care or financial hardship. We are pleased to bring these services to Placer County, free of charge.”

SPH also provides prenatal vitamins for expectant women, hoping to lessen the financial and medical burden of an unexpected pregnancy.

“Taking prenatal vitamins will drastically reduce the threat of neural tube defects and so many health concerns for both mom and baby,” says Lewis. “But we remind our patients that the vitamins are a supplement, not a substitute. That’s why we also offer prenatal education such as proper nutrition, as well.”

SPH became an approved medical clinic by the State of California in November and has since begun offering early detection pregnancy tests, prenatal education, well-woman exams, ultrasounds and more. SPH accepts zero public funding, offering all of their services free of charge.

About Sierra Pregnancy & Health Founded in 1999, SPH delivers compassionate care, accurate information and practical help to those facing unplanned pregnancy. As the only life center in South Placer, hundreds of women, babies and families are served annually.

Privately funded, services are free and confidential to everyone. Call or TEXT 24/7 at 916.624.8990

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