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(ARA) ย– Would you love to run your own business, be your own boss and live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Have you considered a franchise opportunity? There are literally thousands of different types of franchises, so how do you choose the best one that will provide you with the most success?

First, with a down economy, you want a business that can weather both good times and bad. Hair care is a $55 billion industry shown to be recession resistant. “Sure, tastes and styles change, but, just as people will not stop eating, they won’t stop getting their hair cared for,” says Shelby Yastrow, member of the Great Clips board of directors. “That’s one reason this business has more ‘staying power’ than many trendy businesses.”

Great Clips has built a strong brand with more than 2,700 salons and leads the industry in the value segment. According to recent reports, this industry continues to grow and Great Clips is looking to expand.

Why consider a Great Clips franchise opportunity?

1. Keep your current job.
You can keep your current position while fulfilling your dream of business ownership. You choose when and if you want to transition full time from corporate America to the American dream.

2. You don’t need hair care experience.
Although some owners are former cosmetologists or salon managers, 95 percent are former corporate executives or small business owners who want to diversify.

3. It is a growing, recession-resistant business.
Hair grows 2.8 mm a week, so there is always demand for hair cuts and hair care. According to industry reports, the value segment continues to grow. Great Clips is a leading brand in this segment.

4. You get the support you need to succeed.
You have all the tools you need to succeed, including access to real estate managers who assist you in finding the best location to open a store, national and local marketing efforts that deliver you customers and comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Chuck and Marsha Snodgrass are Great Clip franchise owners in California. “Great Clips seemed at the time, and I can say without hesitation, a very solid networking system and support system to put us through the process before we made up our mind. I can say after 7 years, I don’t think we could have joined a franchise system that supports their franchisees or their stores any more than they do,” comments Chuck.

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