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Rocklin, Calif.- The story on FOX News is in error. A citizen did step forward at our last City Council meeting and did ask for an ordinance to ban outdoor smoking. The City of Rocklin did listen and ultimately directed the citizen to the State of California Air Resources Board (ARB). The State ARB is currently studying the issue by direction of the state legislature under AB 1807.

The City of Rocklin is not pursuing this matter.

It is unfortunate that FOX News has elected to carry the story without any verification of facts from the City.

There is no consideration of the issue and no study planned beyond the initial review of the citizen’s request. The city’s core mission is directed at the provision of effective public safety, maintenance of our road systems, economic development, parks, recreation, and related matters. The city asks for assistance in ensuring your neighbors and friends that we are not pursuing the matter and never intended to do so.

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