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UC Davis Health expands care for patients in Folsom

Folsom, Calif.- UC Davis Health announced plans today for a large-scale expansion of health services in Folsom, with new medical facilities and high-tech housing.

UC Davis Health has purchased a 34.5-acre parcel, at the intersection of East Bidwell Street and Highway 50, in Folsom Ranch. This property expands UC Davis Health’s care in Folsom and offers a prime location for the region to deliver wellness, community, convenience and excellent care for patients.

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⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

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“…the key to healthy aging for people starts in their homes.”

David Lubarsky, UC Davis Health CEO

Initial plans call for an outpatient medical office building and, in the future, a micro-hospital, an ambulatory surgery center and a hotel. The new location is part of UC Davis Health’s approach of providing high-quality patient-centered care close to people’s homes.

Folsom is currently growing at a rate of 2.97% annually and reached its highest population of 86,300 in this year, according to Census data. Among that increase is people over the age of 65. In fact, El Dorado County, upon which sits the Folsom Ranch development, saw the largest increase of adults 65 plus at 58%.

Independent living

In addition to the new patient care facilities, UC Davis Health is partnering with AKT Development Corporation and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos to develop a first-in-the-world “Community for Health and Independence” in the region. The university-planned community will allow older people, and persons with disabilities, to live independently in technology-enabled homes designed with health care in mind.

UC Davis and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos have a history of working together to improve community health. In 1998, Tsakopoulos supported the creation of the UC Davis MIND Institute. Today, that institution is a world leader in the medical investigation of neurodevelopmental disabilities. At 85 years of age, Tsakopoulos’ interests have turned to healthy aging.

“While we are thrilled about our medical facility expansion here in Folsom, we know that the key to healthy aging for people starts in their homes,” said UC Davis Health CEO David Lubarsky. “We believe a reimagined community that leverages technology for human-made spaces where people live, recreate and work will promote better management of chronic disease and increase independence for valuable members of this population.”

UC Davis Health is committed to creating the healthiest and highest-functioning older adult population in Northern California through a combination of the latest technology, high-quality personal patient care, research and innovation. Technology can help individuals achieve their personal health and independence goals by staying in regular communication with their care teams.

Technologies developed in partnership with users and health care systems also enhance providers’ knowledge of how to deliver better and more personalized care.

Population growth of older adults

“With the expected population growth of older adults in the Folsom area and our goal of ensuring that we can meet patients wherever they are, we are confident the combination of our new campus and this new development will keep people healthier, in their own community, for much longer,” said Thomas S. Nesbitt, professor emeritus and co-champion of the Healthy Aging in a Digital World initiative.

Highway 50 & East Bidwell in Folsom

Development of the new UC Davis Health Folsom campus at Highway 50 and E. Bidwell will occur over a long period of time to accommodate innovative care delivery or equipment that may evolve, along with unique needs of Folsom residents. The outpatient clinic will be the first to open in 2025.

Sustainable practices

UC Davis Health will implement the health care complex project within the University of California Sustainable Practices Policy ensuring that strong levels of energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and transportation efficiency are incorporated in the design from the start.

UC Davis Health is constantly working to improve lives and transform health care through nationally ranked patient care, groundbreaking research, and interprofessional education, creating dynamic and productive partnerships with the community that bring research into reality. For more information, visit health.ucdavis.edu.

Community for Health & Independence


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