Assistance in helping those who wander or struggle with communication

Folsom, Calif.- The Folsom Police Department offers programs to assist families and caregivers of individuals who may wander from home or have difficulty communicating with first responders.

Grant funding allows qualified residents to register with one or more programs and caregivers to receive a free Ring Doorbell to assist officers in finding a loved one should they wander from home.

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Project Lifesaver

This program is designed for residents with cognitive disorders such as Autism or Alzheimer’s disease, which may make them prone to wandering and not realizing the danger of their situation. Medically qualified residents are given a free wearable transmitter with an individualized frequency. Should they wander from their caregiver and the Folsom Police Department is notified, the frequency can be used to locate them quickly. Learn more at projectlifesaver.org

H.E.L.P. (Help Every Lost Person)

This program is designed for residents who may not wish to wear a bracelet or beacon but may wander. The H.E.L.P. program allows the Folsom Police Department to place information about the individual-such as a recent photo, medical conditions, family member names, and addresses-into our information systems so that it can be quickly distributed to officers should that person wander from their caregivers.

Visit www.folsom.ca.us/AutismDementiaAssistance or call 916-461-6516 for more information.

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