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Folsom, Calif. – Local residents are highly satisfied with the quality of life in Folsom and 94% call it an excellent or good place to live, according to data collected in a recent poll of registered voters.ย  Respondents cited Folsom’s small town atmosphere, location and convenience, neighborhoods and community, parks and open space, recreation and sense of safety.

Relative to other California cities, Folsom was rated significantly higher for quality of life and for provision of city services. Eight in 10 voters (80%) believe Folsom City government is doing an excellent or good job providing city services.  Nine in ten respondents are satisfied with the job performance of the Parks and Recreation Department (90%), the Police Department (89%) and the Fire Department (88%). 





The survey validates my belief that Folsom is highly valued as a great place to live,’ said Folsom Mayor Andy Morin.ย  ‘It’s rewarding to see that relative to other California cities, respondents rated the quality of life in Folsom and our services very positively.’ย 

The telephone survey was conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates, a professional opinion research firm based in Oakland.  Four hundred randomly selected residents participated in the survey.  The margin of error is +/- 5 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level.  For a number of results, comparisons are drawn to the results of a 2001 City-sponsored survey to identify changes in community opinion over the past five years. 

When asked to name in their own words what they consider to be the most serious issue facing Folsom residents, the two most-mentioned issues were traffic (34%) and growth and development (24%).  Another 6% mentioned street maintenance.  No more than 4% mentioned any other single issue. 

ย High priorities cited by a large proportion of respondents were police protection, fire protection and reliable water supplies, as well as maintaining city streets, roads and parks.ย  Other top priorities include managing growth and development, keeping taxes at affordable levels, preserving open space and managing traffic.ย 

Two-thirds or more voters are satisfied with the City’s job in handling most major local issues tested in the survey.ย  The largest proportion of voters are satisfied with the job Folsom is doing maintaining parks, providing fire and paramedic services, providing recreation programs, providing police protection, cleaning and sweeping city streets, providing curbside recycling, providing reliable water supplies and improving shopping opportunities.ย 

The greatest increases in resident satisfaction since 2001 are in providing public library services (28% increase), managing growth and development (22% increase), preserving open space (21% increase), protecting the environment (16% increase) and providing public transit (15% increase). 

Voters expressed the least satisfaction in the two areas of greatest concern ย– managing traffic (45% satisfied, 50% dissatisfied) and managing growth and development (53% satisfied, 41% dissatisfied).ย 

The vast majority of respondents feel safe in their neighborhood (97%), the business district (93%), or a nearby park (91%).ย  The biggest safety concerns are speeding or unsafe driving and traffic.ย  Other safety concerns include car theft (8%), robberies or muggings (6%), and drug use (5%).ย 

This perception of safety and the low level of concern about serious crime are surely linked to satisfaction with our public safety personnel,’ said Mayor Morin.ย  ‘Clearly our residents are pleased with the professionalism of our public safety officers and their service delivery.’ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 

Seven in ten voters said the closure of the Folsom Dam Road has changed their driving patterns, while half reported a longer commute as a result of the closure.ย  Just over one-third said they dine out in Folsom or shop in Folsom less often since the Dam Road closed.

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