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Sacramento, Calif.- Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan and San Juan Water District Board Member Bob Walters will speak at a news conference to celebrate For the Sake of the Lake Week on the lakebed at Folsom Lake on Monday, November 4.

For the Sake of the Lake is a regional effort co‐founded by the City of Roseville and San Juan Water District to bring to light the importance of Folsom Lake to the region. Folsom Lake directly supplies water to over half‐a‐million people and serves another half‐million people as its water supplies travel down the American River. It’s a recreational beacon to the region and the second most visited park in the state parks system. The lake is also a driver of the Sacramento economy. Without its reliable water supplies development, existing industries and businesses will be crippled.

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“Unfortunately the reliable water supplies our region has come to know are in jeopardy,” says Assemblywoman Beth Gaines. “In its current form, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan shows no plan to address how the state will prevent Folsom Lake from reaching extreme low levels.”

The state’s most recent draft of the BDCP shows the lake will drop to dead pool, a virtual dry lake to water providers, at least once every ten years due to climate change. What the BDCP doesn’t show, however, is how the state will work to prevent this from happening – something they say they’ll address.

“We need state leaders to address this issue with a sound operational plan that provides water supply reliability for the entire state,” notes Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan, “we cannot stay silent on this issue until we have solid assurances that our region’s water supply will not be compromised. We are eager to work with the Governor and state officials to develop solutions to these complex water challenges and provide certainty that the water supply needs of all Californians will be met.”

“We think working with the state to address this issue will only make the BDCP a stronger plan for the entire state,” adds Vice Chair Bob Walters from the San Juan Water District. “Business leaders, water
providers, government agencies and individuals from all walks of life agree with us – Folsom Lake is worth protecting.”

For the Sake of the Lake has garnered serious support from the region, with organizations signing letters or resolutions of support for this effort. Some include the County of Sacramento, Sacramento Suburban Water District, Sacramento Metro Chamber, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Regional Water Authority. A complete list of supporters is available on the group’s website,

The news conference kicks off a week of outreach efforts by the group including: partnerships with local school districts, educational programs and afterschool centers to educate children about the importance of the lake; electronic and social media outreach to target regional water users, and; support from business owners who rely on water supplies for the success of their businesses.

“This isn’t just about the BDCP,” says Gaines. “This is about a smart solution to a problem that is all too familiar to our state: getting water to those who need it without hurting those who have it. All of California deserves reliable access to water supplies. But the state has to develop a plan to make sure one region won’t suffer to benefit another.”

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