Vic Vicari of Sacramento, and Vicki Ammon of Carmichael, were the overall “Ironman” and “Ironwoman” winners of the 35th annual “Eppie’s Great Race” – “The World’s Oldest Triathlon” — which took place on Northern California’s American River Parkway, Saturday, July 19, 2008.

Additionally, in the new “Junior Ironman” Division, Nicolas Jimenez (16 years) of Sacramento finished first; and Kristen Reichardt (18 years) of Auburn took the first place title as the new “Junior Ironwoman.” Galt’s youth athlete Josh Evans (16-17 year Division) was the overall winner of the third-annual “Eppie’s Great Race Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon,” and the Duathlon winning team was comprised of Alex Nelson and Sam Bolster (16-17 year Division) of Camino, California.

 In addition to Stone, Vicari, Jimenez, Reichardt and Evans, a total of 2,365 people competed in this year’s Eppie’s Great Race Triathlon and Eppie’s Great Race Duathlon – the most Eppie’s event participants since The Great Race’s inception 35 years ago!

The 2008 Eppie’s Great Race set a new “Iron” entry record for the annual event – 703 entrants competed as “Iron” persons—at 12 percent increase from last year—(one entrant completing all three legs of the triathlon)—which is the most “Iron” persons in Eppie’s 35-year-history! 
In only its third year, the Eppie’s Great Race “Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon” drew over 350 youths (ages 17 and under) in 2008 – a 36% increase over 2007!  The Duathletes (in teams or as “Iron Kids”) ran 2 miles, followed by a 5.75-mile bike ride, also along the American River Parkway in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova.

 If counted together (all of Eppie’s Great Race participants and Eppie’s Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon participants), the 2008 Eppie’s event set an all-time entry record for most participants in the annual race’s 35 year history!

In addition to the entry and participation records set and broken at the 35th Annual Eppie’s Great Race:  

  • Vic Vicari took the 40+ Ironman Division — and captured the overall fastest time in all of the Iron Divisions — with a time of 1:45:38. 
  • Vicki Ammon captured the 50+ Year Ironwoman Division title, and recorded the fastest Ironwoman time of 2:01:30.
  • Josh Evans, registered in the Eppie’s Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon “Male 16-17 Years” Division, finished the 2.5 mile run and 6 mile bike ride at 26:22.7. 
  • Alex Nelson and Sam Bolster of Camino, registered in the 16-17-year-old Team Division, had a finishing time at 26:31.0.
  • In the Eppie’s Great Race “Open Team Division,” Runner Patrick Boivin of Chico, Bicyclist Jesse Moore of Sacramento, and Paddler Craig Tanner of Benicia (known as “Team California Canoe & Kayak”) took first place and were the first to cross the “Eppie’s Great Race VSP Vision Service Plan Finish Line,” with a time of 1:30:14. 
  • Winning the “Adaptive” Division with a time of 1:56:24 was Runner Anthony Moots-Hotaling of Rancho Cordova, Bicyclist David Wickeraad of Folsom, and Rick Nelson of Folsom. 
  • Capturing the “Junior’s” Team Division title at a time of 1:55:21 was team “Summer Love” made up of Runner Samir Benovar, Biker J. Hodgson and Paddler Matt Palmer. 
  • Bobby Carpenter of Rancho Cordova won the “Ironman 50+” title at 1:53:36. 
  • The “Ironwoman 40+” Division winner was Elisa Reuter of Carmichael at 2:06:53.
  • Taking the “Family Division” title was Runner Matt Johnsrud and Biker/Paddler Gary Johnsrud crossing the finish line at 1:44:58. 
  • In the “Co-Ed Team” Division, team “Lean On Me Fitness Center” with Runner Kirstin Schneider, Bicyclist Brian McCleary and Paddler John Dye, all of Sacramento, took first place with a time of 1:43:31.
  • “San Jose PD,” made up of Runner Kris Kubasta,  Biker Brian Winco and Paddler Jason Hurr all of Santa Cruz won the “Fire/Police” Division at a time of 1:55:52.  
  • Capturing the “Corporate” Division first place title was “Kaiser’s Rapid Response Team” with a time of 1:52:48 comprised of Runner Alan Anzai of Carmichael and Biker Paul Lambie both of Rocklin, and Biker Sue Lutz of Roseville. 
  • The “Women’s Team” Division with a winning time of 1:52:40 was captured by team “California Canoe & Kayak” made up of Runner Karen Jeffers of Wheatland, Biker Katie Norton of Sacramento, and Paddler Elaine Baden of Richmond.
  • The “Women’s Team 40+” Division winners were the “Usual Suspects,” Runner Theresa Kollars of Sacramento, Bicyclist Kristina Zack and Paddler Robin Carpenter both of Rancho Cordova, with at time of 1:55:47.
  • The “Men’s Team 40+” Division first place winners, made up of team “A Wing and A Prayer,” Runner Mike Larson of Carmichael, Biker Bob Beretta of So. Lake Tahoe, and Paddler Cameron Poer of Cameron Park, came in at 1:41:31. 
  • First place in the “Women’s Team 50+” Division is “Team DNT,” with at time of 2:02:55, was Runner Donna Chan of San Francisco, Biker Nancy Lee of Sacramento, and Biker Trish Landry of Rancho Cordova. 
  • The “Men’s Team 50+” First Place winners was “Team Nuki,” with Runner Brian Davis of Livermore, Biker Phil Blay of Folsom, and Paddler Bod Lambrose of Antioch with a time of 1:42:16.
  • Claiming first place in the “Tandem Kayak” Division with a time of 1:42:16, was Runner Jesse Barragan of Folsom, John Stroud of Folsom and Campbell of Sacramento.
  • Coming in with a time of 1:51:32, the winner of the “Tandem Canoe” Division was team “Biodegradables,” comprised of Runner Greg Jones of Sacramento, Biker Blair Robertson of Fair Oaks and Paddlers Phillip Lutz of Rancho Cordova and Bill Griffith of Sacramento.
    • In the “Solo Canoe” Division, team “Kaiser Thriving,” with Runner Nelson Muangi of Folsom, Biker Zachary Sorenson of Rocklin and Paddler Steve Wilson took first place with a time of 1:50:46. 
  • The “Inflatable” Division, the winning time was 1:50:13 by Runner Erik Mencarini of Carmichael, Biker Steve Griffiths and Paddler Charlie Williard both of Granite Bay. 
  • In the category of “Touring/Slalom” Division, the first place team with a time of 1:50:18, included Runner Michael Farrell, Biker Todd Marshall and Paddler Kim Sprague all of Sacramento. 
  • In the “Sit-on-Top” Division, Team “Who You Calling Losers Now?” with Runner Chad Worthen, Biker Greg Marshall, and Paddler Jeff Bushey all of Sacramento, took first place with a time of 1:52:54.

Known as “The World’s Oldest Triathlon,” Eppie’s Great Race was founded by regional businessman Eppie Johnson thirty-five years ago.  Since that time, Eppie’s Great Race has been implemented each year as a fundraising event benefiting programs presented by the Sacramento County Therapeutic Recreation Services (SCTRS), which provide programs for mentally- and physically-challenged people. Proceeds from Eppie’s Great Race entry fees are donated to support SCTRS.  To date, The Great Race has raised over $850,000 for SCTRS, and now accounts for over 25 percent of the programs’ overall operating budget.

 The competitors that participated in the Eppie’s Great Race triathlon, began the event by running near the bridge at William Pond Park Recreation Area, proceeding west to the Guy West Bridge (behind CSUS), where the cycling portion of the Great Race begins. Bicyclists continue for 12.5 miles to the Sunrise Avenue footbridge, where the paddling segment begins. Participants paddle 6.35 miles downriver to the Goethe Park landing/finish area. 

Video highlights of both Eppie’s Great Race and the Eppie’s Great Race Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon, may be found online at “You Tube” and “Google Video.” For further information regarding Eppie’s Great Race, or for a complete list of all of the participants and their finish times, please check the web site at: