Social Bicycles to bring Electric-Assist Bike System to Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento

Sacramento – Social Bicycles will launch its electric-assist JUMP bike share program in Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento on May 15, 2018. JUMP will open with 300 electric-assist bikes (e-bikes), and will add an additional 600 during the summer. The 900 e-bikes will be owned and operated by Social Bicycles (SoBi), which currently operates the Tower Bridge Bike Share Preview.
The bike share launch is the result of a public-private partnership between SoBi, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), and the cities of Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento. Under this unique partnership, the Sacramento region will have the largest electric-assist bike share system in North America.
Bike share is a membership-based system that can be used for recreation, commuting, exercise, or other trips. It can help people get to transit stops more easily, connect to different neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, and jobs, and can help people be more active. SoBi’s e-bikes are similar to regular bikes, but they have pedal assist, allowing speeds up to 20 miles per hour. E-bikes do not operate without pedaling, but the electric assist makes it easier for people to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.
SoBi launched its first publicly-available JUMP system in Washington, D.C., in September of this year. SoBi is a technology-driven company that has consistently taken the bike share industry in new directions. In 2013, SoBi challenged the dock-based bike share systems of the time by pioneering the “smart bike,” which paired onboard active GPS with an electric lock. Today, SoBi continues to push the bike share industry forward by combining its smart bike technology with an electric pedal-assist motor.
“We’re excited to bring our JUMP e-bikes to the Sacramento region,” said Ryan Rzepecki, Founder and CEO of Social Bicycles/JUMP. “The region is a forward-thinking area that is clearly passionate about being a leader for the future of sustainable transportation. We know that our e-bikes will help to connect the region’s diverse communities in new and exciting ways.”
“The Tower Bridge Preview captured the imagination of residents, employees, visitors, and shops and restaurants, but that’s just been a teaser for what’s coming,” said West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon. “More bikes this fall will make bike share even easier to use, bringing clean, fun, and simple options for folks to get around the greater urban waterfront districts. And then, just when a little assist would make it possible to ride in the summer without breaking a sweat…e-bikes! Made possible by SoBi’s rapid technological innovation, an all-electric fleet will make biking the mode of choice for many more trips and underscore our region’s leadership in advancing cycling as a convenient option for everyone.” 
Sacramento City Council Member Steve Hansen said, “Bike share will arrive in May is Bike Month 2018! We’ve been working hard to make this project happen and it’s great to see it so close to fruition – especially as Sacramento implements Grid 3.0. Recent improvements, such as the pop-up protected bike lane and various other bicycle infrastructure projects, will help make bike share more successful. Through the hard work of SACOG and city staff to create the best system possible, and with great infrastructure improvements, the Sacramento region bike share will be a nimble, flexible system – a true transportation option for our residents to move around in a healthier and environmentally friendly way.”
Davis City Council Member Lucas Frerichs noted that “The City of Davis is ready to see the implementation of the bike share system. Our city has great cycling amenities and a great bicycling culture. Adding bike share will be an asset for our residents, university students and staff, and visitors alike. This system will not only help the participating cities, but will lead the way for other cities in the region to look at different mobility solutions.”
SACOG and the cities of Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento are currently permitting the bike share hub locations and are beginning public engagement. To learn more and sign-up for information go to