The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control recently awarded Rocklin PD $15,000 to reduce the number of businesses which sell alcohol to minors and reduce youth access to alcohol.  The Minor Decoy Program uses persons under 20 years of age to pose as undercover minor decoys to purchase alcoholic beverages from licensed premises.  The Decoy Program has been recognized as an excellent method to attack the problems associated with the unlawful purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages by young people.

The most visible consequences of underage drinking are car crashes.  Teen drivers are responsible for a highly disproportionate number of collisions, injuries and deaths.  In relation to the number of licensed drivers, young people under age 21 who have been drinking are involved in fatal crashes at twice the rate of adult drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Minor decoy programs have been used by local law enforcement in California since about 1987 and have been found to be extremely effective.  These operations, conducted by law enforcement and/or community groups, can markedly increase the percentage of licensees who comply with the minimum-purchase-age law.