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Roseville, Calif.- The Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA) commends member company Pacific Dental Services PDS and its supported dentists for their record-breaking, cross-country work,ย  providing donated dental services to those in need of dental care. Nearly 500 supported dentists gave free dental care to a total of 1,600 patients in 11 states across the country, including California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

“Dental support organizations strive to deliver top-quality administrative support services so that the dentists who contract with us can focus on what they do best: providing top-quality clinical care to their patients,” said Steve Bilt, DGPA President. “We are also committed to our social mission at DGPA, which is to give back by helping dentists extend their services to those who desperately need their care, within the community and across the globe.”

The American Dental Association (ADA), earlier this year, confirmed through research a disturbing dental divide in the United States, with almost half of all lower income Americans failing to have seen a dentist in the last year or more, and a little over a third admitting to living with an untreated cavity. 

Community partners – including non-profits, health advocacy groups, youth centers, religious organizations, and local governments – helped identify children and adults that could benefit from these pro-bono efforts. The free treatments ranged from basic services like cleanings and exams to extractions and restorations.

“I work directly with families in the Roseville community every day and I know that they are hardworking families that take oral health seriously but may not have the means to pay for it,” said Kayla Dreher, client services and volunteer coordinator, Roseville Home Start. “I am so grateful to see dental offices like Pleasant Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics partnering with community organizations like mine to identify this need in our neighborhood and donate their professional services.”

Pacific Dental Services is a member of DGPA, an industry group that represents more than 30 dental support organizations (DSOs) that provide dentists nonclinical business support services.

Collectively, DGPA members offer millions of dollars in free care annually to patients nationwide and abroad, through activities ranging from mobile dental clinics to free in-office weekend visits.

For example:

  • Heartland’s Free Dentistry Day enables dentists to provide free care to more than 3,000 patients in need annually.
  • Pacific Dental Services’ Smile Generation annual “Serve Day” generated more than $2.4 million worth of donated dentistry.
  • Smile Brands’ “Smiles for Everyone Foundation” aids individuals most in need, especially children, providing service free of charge domestically and even abroad in Nicaragua, Ghana, Thailand, Laos and Paraguay.
  • Aspen Dental Management conducted 3,440 ViziLite(r) oral cancer screenings in April 2013 and donated $5 per screening to the Oral Cancer Foundation, resulting in a $17,200 donation.
  • Lab technicians from Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories provided work on over 700 prostheses as part of six Missions of Mercy events held in NC and GA.
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers provided more than 500 free oral health and cancer screenings to adults and children at Harlem Week’s 2012 Children’s Festival.

About The Dental Group Practice Association

DGPA represents more than 30 dental support organizations (DSOs) that provide the nonclinical support services that enable many dentists to focus on the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective dental care to their patients instead of paperwork. Today, DSOs support an estimated 8,000 licensed dentists practicing in 5,000 dental practices who in turn serve more than 27 million patients each year across the country. The mission of the association is to enthusiastically represent to the dental community the powerful advantages that progressive dental support organizations bring and assist dental professionals to improve the quality of dental care for patients and the quality of life for those dental professionals.

In addition to supporting dentists in their delivery of state-of-the-art care, DSOs are committed to a deep-rooted culture of “giving back,” and are proud to support dentists in their delivery of millions of dollars in free care to those in need.

About Pacific Dental Services (PDS)

Founded in 1994, PDS is one of the country’s leading dental support organizations, providing Supported Autonomy that allows dentists to concentrate on Clinical Excellence and the highest levels of cost-effective comprehensive patient care. PDS originated the PRIVATE PRACTICE+(tm) model to allow dentists to focus on their passion: serving patients. PDS also pioneered the concept of modern dentistry – enabling dentists to combine advances in the latest technology with the best operational practices and procedures, highly skilled support staff and a commitment to ongoing training and education – to grow to more than 300 supported dental offices across the western and central United States. PDS aims to be the provider of choice in all the markets they serve, helping affiliated dentists to develop Patients for Life(tm).

About Smile Generation

Smile Generation is a referral service for excellent dentists committed to modern dentistry and patients’ happiness. Smile Generation connects patients with great dentists dedicated to delivering on the Right Fit promise: providing an exceptional patient experience and advanced clinical care. Smile Generation-trusted offices are supported by Pacific Dental Services.

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