New South American Mammal Exhibit at Sierra College Natural History Museum

(Rocklin, CA) — Sierra College’s Natural History Museum has a brand-new exhibit on South American mammals. See fossils and replicas from species that intrigued Charles Darwin on his famous voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. 

The display contains specimens of spike-tailed glyptodonts-an ancient form of giant armadillo-along with their closest modern relative, the chipmunk-sized pink fairy armadillo. The exhibit juxtaposes other modern and extinct armadillos, as well as several different kinds of extinct ground sloths. Other South American mammal specimens, such as a jaguar and a three-toed sloth, can be found elsewhere in the Museum.

The exhibit is in room S-110 and was made possible with donated funds and materials from the Roseville Rock Rollers, the Fossils For Fun Society, Stanley Davis II and many others. 

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